What is a BLACK HOLE? What occurs in the event that you fall into a BLACK HOLE?

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the mysterious objects of the universe have been astonishing and enchanting man since ancient times, be they special stars, planets, moons, suns, or space, all of which are among these enchanting things. Sometimes man chose them for worship as gods, sometimes he wanted to cast a spell on the moon, sometimes he was forced to find out the fate of the stars, sometimes he began to investigate other matters in the sky, such as scientists As research grew, so did the mysteries of the universe, which is why …! Twenty-first century man knows how the earth revolves around the sun, and how the sun revolves around the stars, and how the solar system galaxies are working under a set of rules and regulations, dear friends. :Black hole Black hole reformation came to the fore in which astronomers were amazed where in the world of science they sometimes go the way to another universe, and sometimes the pit of death.

What is a black hole?

Not too long ago a black hole Black hole could appear only in science fiction,
But we know, those events do exist, and it’s not long ago that people mocked the mysticism of black holes , and considered them nothing more than scientific superstitions. But now people take them seriously. Although it has not yet been possible for us to travel a single light year in space and reach a single black spot, nor can we observe them directly, we will still have them clearly. there is evidence, friends recently scientists in the constellation eagle, the Son aqlh an invisible black hole Black hole Have consumed a star, the time of anything falling in them is the time of its end, whether it be a star, a trivial time, you, and the end is only and only death, even though it is the largest in the universe. There is always more destructive force but still play a very important role in the interpretation of the galaxies’ message. In fact, a black hole is an entity that weighs a lot and has a capacity to pull 200 and so on. Be able to pull everything close to you until even light can come out of its surface. Such institutions are completely black. But their existence can be felt because of their gravitational pull. According to astronomers, there are a large number of such entities in the universe.

Viewers, in fact, any big star that reads with a big bang at the end of its life, this blast is called patience soul, as a result of this group, a large part is scattered in space, the remaining part is completely cooled. Where there is no certainty, the force of gravity increases in this hollow part, as a result of which its volume begins to decrease and its density begins to increase until a time comes when the volume of the star decreases. And no matter how much the distance increases, it is not possible to emit light from here. At the end of its life, when a star reaches such a state, it is called a black hole. Like the one who tries so hard that he pulls everything towards him. Friends, most people have the impression that if our sun becomes black and it will reach all the planets of the solar system butSurprisingly, according to scientists, even if the sun became a black hole, the earth and the rest of the planet would continue to orbit banners in their orbits. There will be a lot of wealth in it even after it becomes black, so there will be no shape on the planets. 249 According to their general theory of relativity, any fool who falls into a black hole will be gone forever. In addition, for someone who does, history will end at a place called clarity, while the latest sophisticated means would be that black holes in the universe actually act as a gateway to another universe. This theory is the initial theory of black holes, ie, a body that has infinite attraction and oppresses everything around it.What is the position of an axon between two meals instead of a historical cave? Due to its immense effort, all the matter that falls into them is expelled from the other side instead of accumulating inside the mana black hole. Galaxies, galaxies, stars, planets on the other hand are used in the formation of another universe, or black and are actually black holes, but Versace, if this theory is accepted, is a bug in the formation of the universe. Bang’s theory becomes more and more, that is, the treatment they are part of is not due to a big explosion, but to a stomach confined to a black hole. However, this theory proves to be correct. In order to take place and a new theory emerges, the time to come and the research being done on this topic, if you like our today’s effort, please encourage us by sharing this on Facebook and WhatsApp

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