What are an Output Device and its types?


Do you know what is an Output Device and how many types of Output devices are used in computers? This is information from computer fundamentals. Everyone should know about these I/O devices. We are surrounded by electronic devices like computers, Mobile, Tablet. We have started spending most of the time with these devices. Hardware is used to build these devices.

What is an Output Device?

Any device through which when we input something in the computer, the device in which we get the output, we call it the output device. Now, this article of mine is also read through an output device definition. Why is a question and its name Output given?

Types of Output device

Here I have told you about the output device list. We cannot tell everyone about it but will give complete information about parts of the output device. So lets know about them.


It is an electronic device that shows some output for computers. It looks just like a TV. A large and fine display resolution helps us show fine graphics. This hardware produces Video and Graphics using video cards. As the TV is hung on the wall, the monitor is placed on the desk. It is used to view Video, Image, Document, app on computer. If there is no monitor then what is going on inside the computer. We do not know where to click. The Monitor is also one of the remaining hardware of the computer. The turning of the computer and the monitor are both different.


The printer is an output device, which prints the information received from the computer on paper. This copy of output on paper is called a hard copy. Document output from the computer is very fast and the printer is not able to work so fast. Therefore, a need was felt that information can be stored in the printer itself. Therefore the printer also has a memory from where it prints the results slowly. According to the use of technology, there are many types of printers, whose information has already given below.


The plotter is used to obtain high quality drawing graphs on large paper. It is mainly used in engineering, building construction, city planning, map, etc.

There is an AC Output device that draws pictures according to the commands given by the computer. There is a lot of difference between Plotter and Printers, in which Pen is used to draw something. Multicolor plotters are used in different color pens.
If it is about money then this device is very expensive with printers. They are used in Engineering applications.

Screen Projector

The projector is also an output device. By using this all the speed methods of the computer screen are shown on the big screen. With its use, we can show presentations.

The output of this device can be displayed on any wall or white screen. The surface on which the light is projected on the lamp should be large, straight, and white in color. Projectors are used to play moving images, slideshow, and videos. It can show the presentation to the majority of people. The size of this device is also small and the weight is also less.


Speaker is the best part of Output Device because With its use we can hear the sound. It presents a soft copy of the output as sound. The Speaker of the computers is the speaker. It is an Output and Hardware Device, which generates sound from the computers. The sound produced by computer speakers is generated by a component of the computer whose name is the sound card. The laptop already has the speaker at the upper end of the keyboard.

I always fell that my correct, accurate, and complete information is available to you. I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is the Output Device? and how it works? I hope that you guys have understood about it.

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