How is a microchip programmed and fabricated?

Do you know How is a microchip programmed and fabricated? In the easiest of terms a CPU is comprised of circuits that are synthetically scratched into silicon dioxide wafers (metal flapjacks) utilizing a photographic cycle, sort of like a slide projector. Simply the silicon is...
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Have you ever thought What is inside a microchip?

Have You Ever Thought What is inside a microchip? There are numerous sorts of central processor and I am going to discuss this one – a 1.5mm chip that can give continuous 3D pictures inside veins for cardiologists to direct powerful treatment. Its really a...
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What are an Output Device and its types?

Do you know what is an Output Device and how many types of Output devices are used in computers? This is information from computer fundamentals. Everyone should know about these I/O devices. We are surrounded by electronic devices like computers, Mobile, Tablet. We have started...
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